Knowing patients

Aemdee is the first easy-to-use online communication channel between patients, doctors and other health care staff, available for anyone, anywhere.
With Aemdee’s online service, doctors and other health care staff will be able to monitor their patients’ condition and development remotely. Aemdee’s unique communication platform helps patients and doctors share vital information to improve health care.

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New treatments can be introduced faster

When a new treatment comes available, Aemdee allows doctors to monitor the efficacy and safety of the treatment and learn how the treatment works with different kinds of patients. Aemdee can be used to monitor e.g. new medical equipment, treatment plans and new pharmaceuticals, in real life.

Detect changes in a patient's condition

Aemdee collects patient health information related to specific therapy areas and automatically monitors changes in a patient's condition. Doctors and health care staff will be automatically notified of significant changes in the patient’s condition so that future adverse events may be anticipated and reacted upon. Patients receive better care and they know it.

Available for anyone

The Aemdee cloud based monitoring service is available for anyone anywhere who would like to enhance communication between patients and doctors. The service can be easily customized for different therapies and therapy areas.

Multiple platforms

Aemdee is being developed for multiple platforms and will be available for use with desktop browsers and mobile devices. It may also incorporate mobile vital signs tracking hardware.

About us
About us
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About us

Aemdee is a company developing services for the use of health care professionals and patients. We are based in Helsinki, Finland. Aemdee took part in the first Founder Institute semester held in Helsinki in late 2012 where the core team was assembled. Our team consists of talented individuals who have deep experience in the pharmaceutical industry, web services (SaaS), data analytics and privacy.

We believe we can change the way health care is provided by doctors for their patients. New communication technologies are existing which enable people to communicate with each other more efficiently and we see that the health care industry in general has not adapted these technologies as fast as it might have.

If you are interested in helping us change health care or joining the team, please contact us at